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Why I like to fly through the Denver International Airport, DIA

DIA, Denver International Airport, is one of the greatest airports in the wor ld. This site is dedicated to showing off some of the greatest aspects of my local airport. DIA, Denver International Airport, is one of the greatest airports in the wor ld. The fact that it resides in my backyard I find to not only be a convenience, but extremely nice. I can fly worldwide, with one stop. I can fly 24 hours a day, and the services are rarely effected by weather on our end based on the state of the art technological equipment installed. The fact that the airport is built with minimal impact, and runs on solar power makes it environmentally friendly too. From an operations standpoint, DIA is second to none.

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Smooth Airport and Airline Operations.
Automated Baggage Systems
Massive public transportation to alleviate walking.
Smoking Lounge.
and Great Food, and drink in a giant Beer Tent.

DIA was voted Best Airport in North America by readers of Business Traveler Magazine five years in a row (2005-2009)

Denver International Airport DEN, DIA, Flight Operations
DIA was named "America's Best Run Airport" by Time in 2002.

Let's not assume that the whole build of this place was without a hitch. In fact the baggage system, the concrete used for a few of the first runways, and shady investing plagued the tranformation of the grassland East of Denver into the State of the Art Airport today.
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I understand the problem with long cab rides from the airport, and that perspective from outsiders. This perspective has me writing this website. You just have to understand, DENVER isn't Las Vegas, Boston, or New York. We don't rely on cab drivers throughout a densly populated city. Quite the contrary, Denver suburbs abound, and stretch to Colorado Springs, south 100 miles and Fort Collins, 100 miles North. The airport, being outside the ring of suburbs, around Denver, but accessible by so many, is a great compromise that allows for 24/7 aircraft operation without traffic jams.
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Parking at the airport is great. Secure, covered, uncovered, close in, far out, etc. Parking your car is definitely the way to go when traveling from DIA.
Parking information.

At the end of the day, DIA is only as good as it's Airlines.
See This Movie on www.YOUTUBE.com: You've landed, are safe, and early. But ground crews still have to help you park!

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